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Krabi Town Beaches Islands

Ao Nang Beach

Ao Nang is 18 km away from Krabi town and the beach is accessible by road from Krabi. There are 83 islands scattered around and each one of these islands are a short distance away from one another. And during low tides, you can even wade your way to the neighboring island. In this sort of a natural set up, there is little shortage for sandy beaches and crystal clear water. But among them all, Ao Nang beach is supposed to be the best and the most developed beach in the area beacause it has the cleanest of environments with wide range of accommodation and a beautiful stretch of white sand beach surrounded by cliffs on one side. Even Lots of restaurants, bars and probably Krabi's liveliest nightlife are located in this area still it is considered less crowded and more quiet area then other areas. The majestic looking limestone cliffs rising straight from calm, clear waters of the sea and the long beach line that runs the whole length of the resort are great attractions claimed exclusively by Ao Nang. The shallow coast line is very safe for children to play with the waves. The deserted beach of Pai Plong is easily accessible on foot when the tide is low. From Ao Nang Beach you makes an ideal base to explore the surrounding islands such as Poda, Thap, Kai[Chicken] and Mo where there are clean sandy beaches, clear water and schools of colorful fishes in abundance perfect for diving, snorkeling, or swimming. Boats to the islands are boarded at Ao Nang.

Noppharat Thara Beach

In times past villagers in teh area called this three kilometer long beach Hat Klong Haeng, meaning Dry Stream Beach, because when the tide ebbs the stream flowing from the northern mountains almost disappears, so that the beach has no shore and stretches all the way to Koh Kao Pak Klong Island. A great place for a picnic and Just 18 kms from Krabi town. It is a 3-kilometre long sandy beach located 6 kilometres or Just 5 minutes north of Ao Nang and the Headquarters of the Hat Noppharat Thara - Koh Phi Phi National Park- A favourite destination of the locals. Noppharat Thara has a long sandy beach lined with casuarina trees and linked to an offshore island that can be reached when the tide is out. The beach, paved with tiny seashells, was formerly called "Hat Khlong Haeng" by locals, which means dried canal beach. The canal will dry up during low tide and the area turns into a long beach. The headquarters of Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park are situated here. The park covers a large area both onshore and offshore.
In the vicinity of the beach are many places to stay serving tourists. Details and further information may be obtained by writing to Nopparat Thara Beach National Park. Reservation should be made in advance at the Forestry Department in Bangkok, Tel. (02) 5790529 or at the Hat Noppharat Thara National Park, P.O.Box 23, Amphoe Muang, Krabi 81000, Tel. (075) 6347436.

Railay Beach

Rai Lay is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches of the world and Thailand's premier climbing destination, the sheer limestone cliffs attract climbers from all over the world.. And this is one of Krabi's most unique areas. This beach is generally divided into two sections, east and west and isolated from the mainland, this beautiful white sandy beach surrounded by limestone cliffs and jungle, provides a wonderful backdrop to the blue waters of the Andaman sea. West Rai Lay offers a broad sandy beach although it has less facilities to offer than Ao Nang still it is quieter and more peaceful. A 10-minute walk to Tham Phranang and Phranang beach is a must. There are no proper roads in this area. The beaches are accessible by long tail boats just a 10-minute boat ride from Ao Nang or 30 minutes from Krabi Town.. This scenario gives a secluded feel to the place.

In Rai Lay, excellent accommodation is available which gives an added attraction to this beach. There are plenty of rock formations in the area. And caves with stalactites and stalagmites are spectcular attraction in Rai Lay. As is quite typical of this area, the limestone geology has forged many interesting rock formations.
Beside, these beaches provide opportunities for rock climbing enthusiasts. A spectacular view of the surrounding areas from the top of the cliff is a rewarding experience to the hardship and strain you take to climb the hill side. The facilities including supplies of climbing gear and training for the novice are also available.

Poda Beach

This is another location much favored by tourists. Lying off the coast of Ao Nang , Poda Beach is famous for its pure white sandy beach and warm waters.
Diving and snorkeling , sun bathing and boating are the favorite activities in this beach. This is considered to be an ideal place for fun and relaxation.

Pra Nang Beach

Connected to Rai Lei by a small path is Phra Nang (not to be confused with Ao Nang) on the outer most point of the headland, backed by a limestone cliff which soars above the beach providing some welcome shade in the hot afternoon. At the bottom of the cliff lies the Princess Cave or Tham Phra Nang Nok - local legend surrounds the cave and local fishermen leave offerings for good fortune.

It's a great beach to simply hang out. In the late morning the "sandwich boats" arrive. Local longtail boats equipped with ice boxes, bread and sandwich ingredients. Fancy a cheese and ham baguette? Freshly made and not expensive, the ladies on the boats will serve with a smile and often a free piece of fruit. A path Swimming and snorkeling can be enjoyed off this pristine, white sandy beach, and from here it is possible to hike to the top of the headland to get spectacular views of the entire area.

Hat Tham Phra Nang

Accessible only by boat, this sweeping beach offers fine-grained white sand and crystalline waters, as well as magnificent jagged karsts. Although visitors flock to this beach year-round, it is still extremely pristine, and considered to be the most attractive in the area.

The Inner and Outer Phra Nang Caves, and Phra Nang Lagoon are close by, and offer some truly spectacular views. Accommodation is available over a wide price range. Despite the fact that it is reachable only by boat, this area offers plenty of recreational activities.

Klong Muang Beach/Tubkaak

Away from the busy crowds of Ao Nang, just 30 km. from Krabi town and it s the latest beach destination. Klong Muang is aiming upmarket with 5 star and boutique hotels. The lovely duvet soft sand beach overlooks the stunning Hong Islands and the beach merges into the cool Kao Hang Nak Natural Forest in the interior and is one of the most tranquil places in Krabi.

Ao Ta-Lane

About half way along the coast between Than Bok Khorani and Krabi town is a bay of mangroves that may be the most beautiful in all of Thailand. Here, bays and canyons are like passageways. Recently discovered, this setting superb for having a first time encounter with this ecosystem. In addition, there are very rich faunas. The region contains good examples of traditional villages. Certainly a highlight of this setting is narrow channels cut through two towering karst complexes, which is passable during all but extreme low tide periods. Disney world could never create a more beautiful jungle river cruise than this. Several species of Kingfishers, Little Herons and Crab-Eating Macaques are almost guaranteed sightings in the remains of jewel destination, Undeveloped and without being horrendous crowed. This are, Ao Ta lane though not officially designated as a national park, may soon become one.

Ban Bo Tor
The North Part of Krabi Province boasts dramatic karsts topography and abundance Of caves, there may not be another area of the kingdom with so many intriguing caves in such. Close proximity to one another. The first cave you visit, Tham Lod, has a spectacular tunnel through a karsts richly adorned with stalactites and stalagmites. The entrance to the passage is overhung by a curtain of jungle vines. The limestone cliff surrounding the cave is richly adorned with endemic palms and cycads. Continuing from Tham Lod, it is just a few minutes paddle to "Pee Hua Toe" the big headed ghosts cave. A human skull was found in the nearly 100 pictographs adorning the cave's walls and ceiling. Both real and mythological people and animals are depicted in rich ochre, yellow and black pigments. There are also vast numbers of shells in the sedimentary rock and littering the cave floor, some of which may be part of middles- the garbage refuse of prehistoric cave dwellers. Some of the stalactite formations are also of special interested here as they bend radically towards the light of the main cave entrance. There are actually three openings to this great chamber, the highest of which offers an unspoiled view of the mangroves, limestone crags and sea that has changed little since the time this was home, or a ceremonial site, for ancient seafaring people..


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